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Rolex Replica Milgauss stahl schwarzes Ziffernblatt

Durchmesser ohne Kronen: 40 mm

€ 165,00 inclusive Versand und Nachnahmegebühren

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The Rolex Milgauss Replica

This is one of my favourite Rolex silhouettes. Strange? Yeah probably, most people have never even heard of the Milgauss, or known it exists, which is precisely why I love it so much (also because its very pretty and the green sapphire and that lightning bolt is hella cool), this is the Rolex you can wear and have a sophisticated timepiece, which has a lesser chance of you getting mugged in the street, and also will have less people doubting the authenticity of. Also, it goes great on a black or brown leather or nato strap, and looks fantastic on a bracelet, plus is the perfect size of 40mm, meaning its not too big, or too small, and it doesn't weigh all that much, yet still weighs enough to assure you that it is well put together. This is a really nice rep, it has the correct rehaut engraving and even has a little crown hologram etched into the sapphire at the 6 o'clock position. The movement is smooth and also very reliable (its a 2836) and the steel, while isnt the stuff Rolex uses, is still very high quality and feels good to the touch. It is considered a Super rep, although if i'm honest i'm unsure if this is as accurate as something like a Noob V5 Submariner or something. Regardless, this watch is also nearly $100 cheaper, and for the price it represents excellent value for money. The lume is nice and bright, and you can't help but stare at the gorgeous green tinted sapphire crystal and wonder; "Why the hell haven't other watchmakers done this??" Its seriously something you need to see in person, the pictures don't do this justice. Despite the green tint, it also has an AR coating which means at certain angles the crystal just dissapears, leaving a faint green rim around the edge of the watch.
rolex milgauss replika stahl
Die Rolex Milgauss Replica gibt es in verschiedenen Varianten
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Die meistgekaufte Rolex Milgauss Replica - klassisch in Edelstahl
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Rolex Replica Milgauss stahl schwarzes Ziffernblatt 7

Die Milgauss bleibt ihrer wissenschaftlichen Tradition und einzigartigen Identität treu und entwickelt sich stetig weiter. Mit ihrer klaren Linien­führung und ihrem prägnanten orangefarbenen Sekundenzeiger, dessen Form einem gezackten Blitz gleicht und an das Originalmodell erinnert, besitzt die Milgauss einen hohen Wiedererkennungswert.
Im Shop bei Replica Uhren Deutschland ist die Rolex Replica Milgauss für unter 200 Euro zu kaufen.

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